X-Ray Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

X-Ray Texture Pack for Minecraft PE is the update in the game which is a sign of advancement in the technology of the Minecraft. X Ray is used for different purposes and the basic one is that it is used to diagnose any fracture in the bones and any tumor in the body.

What is X-Ray in MCPE?

X-ray is mainly used in the medical field to thoroughly see the human body and to diagnose any type of problem in the body. But in the Minecraft PE its use is quite different. It is used here to immediately find the ores and minerals and also diamonds by some illegal and dishonest players. But some players use it honestly without leaving any harm to the cubic world.

X-Ray Texture Pack

This addition was made by the developers to facilitate those players who use the X-Ray in positive way. Some You tubers are in search of content and they want to find the underground bocks and objects. X-Ray help them in finding their content because they will face a lot of trouble if they search those underground things manually. In such cases the use of X-Ray is useful and not negative and illegal.

X-Ray for Seeders Resource Pack

This add-on is really an amazing feature but it can’t be use in all the severs. The people who are sharing new and odd seeds with the world can use the X-Ray for the initial breakdown of the seeds.  Use it only for enjoyment and for the purpose of social welfare.

Nether Rack X-Ray

This add-on was only for the Nether players. By using it on the server the experience of the other players might be disturbed. The Nether Players use the X-Ray to find the Netherite which is a found in the lower most surface of the under ground world in the Minecraft.

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