Tsunami Mod for Minecraft PE

Tsunami Mod for Minecraft PE is such an update which is helpful in destroying the cubic world. There are lot of natural and weather phenomenon in the Minecraft PE but they all are not to destroy the cubic world of the game.

Tsunami Mod for MCPE

By installing the Tsunami Mod the player avail the opportunity to destroy the buildings and houses. The players can see the result of the destruction after causing the natural disasters. The players get the role of the  omnipotent force to destroy all the cubic world.



The developers provided the different 8 atoms to perform different functions. player can create tidal waves, lava eruption, fire and flood with the help of some magic buckets. Different kinds of disasters have different effects, if poison kills all the living things then during the flood the living creature below the water surface could survive.

Main Functions

These opportunities are not only used to destroy the world but also can be used in the useful purposes. For example by using these buckets the player will be able to create a long reservoir. The buckets can also be used for apocalyptic purposes and in this regard only single click can cause disaster. Different buckets give their benefits as well as the loss and causes the disturbance in the cubic universe.


After the installation the user have access to these different buckets. Every bucket perform its own function

  • Toxic bucket contains toxic water in it
  • Black hole- a black hole sucks all surrounding objects
  • Fire- create fire and cover whole the cubic world
  • Void- a dark liquid which is like a lava and has same properties
  • White paint- it paint the whole world blocks white
  • purple- it paint purple the all blocks
  • Frozen- it creates stream of frozen water gradually
  • Tsunami- creates very huge water waves

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