Tornado Mod for Minecraft PE

Tornado Mod for Minecraft PE is an addition in the weather phenomenon on the demand of players. Players often experience some coomon weathers like rain, wind, storm and thunder etc. Tornado Mod create the condition in which there is rotating column of wind which is in contact with earth surface and up to the clouds and it is very sever.

What does the Tornado Mod do?

In the Minecraft the players often face the usual weather situations in which rain, storm, wind and thunder etc are more common. The get bored and demanded a new one so the authors added the new weather phenomenon which is quite rare and different from all others. It seems like new brand type of natural disaster for the players. Heat, thirst and some lethal light flashings.

Natural Disasters

Mine craft PE had added four types of new weathers in which earthquake is one which causes the shivering and break down of ground. All this happens due to the volcanic eruption and the release of lava. Where the lava is released it causes the fire effect at that spot.

Players are aware of the wild fire in the game but this effect is quite different from that fire. The long awaited tornados are not so disturbing but when it appears it causes the blindness in the living things near to it. The player should beware of this natural disaster all the time.

Mine Tornado Add-on

These Tornados are considered as natural disasters and are so powerful that it can kill you less than a second. Capture them from the distance for your safety purpose. Even it is a natural disaster but it is quite different from the blaze.

Better Weather Add-on

When the lighting strikes with the simpler Tornado then it becomes very dangerous and causes tremendous destruction. It becomes so sever that it can erase a whole building or house from the base in the Minecraft PE.

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