Temperature Mod for Minecraft PE

Temperature Mod for Minecraft PE is an add-on in the weather phenomenon. The experienced players face this temperature challenge and for them it is not so complicated to survive under sever weather condition.

What is new in Temperature Mod?

The players already know about the things and had knowledge how to perform any task. Temperature Mod created the more facilities in case of recognizing the objects because everything looks different with the difference of temperature. Life will be very difficult if the temperature is too high or very low. The moderate should be set by the players in order to keep the living a normal and moderate process.



First the players were aware of the health and experience indicators but as he entered the new world of the temperature the player found another scale which measure the body temperature and the thirst. Temperature will be different at different locations for example in sand, lava, gravel, water, ice and snow etc.


In the new update there is an indicator in the right corner which indicate the biographical location 0f the players. The temperature will affect its body condition according to the place. If the player is in dessert then the temperature will burn it in the sand. And if the player is in taiga then the player will freeze. In these cases we should not ignore the indicator otherwise player will die. Developers mentioned 9 states of the variants of the temperature.

In the update there are also some equipment that will maintain the player moderate in changing environment. Temperature sever conditions are hyperthermia and hypothermia which can cause very fatal outcomes.

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