Tank Mod for Minecraft PE

What does the Tank Mod do in MCPE?

Tank Mod for Minecraft PE is the addition of a destructive vehicle like machine. In the old Minecraft versions the destructive weapons were only the gun machines but now the developer added the tanks which are used as a weapon for destruction. The Tank weapon is most harmful and when it is used then nothing can stop the destruction. The purpose of this add-on is to use for the benefit of players in the wars against the enemies.

Mech Tanks Mod

Mech Tanks in the game are like the real tanks which are available to the players. The tanks are like the car machinery and the players have to use the keys to start the car engines. The tanks are mostly in the army bases and are military tanks. The tanks are only used during the war situation by the players and are available to use for player. When a player is in tank then his interface will modify according the surroundings. There are few things which are different from other vehicles for example you need proper fuel to run the engine and keep the tank moving.

War Tank Add-on

As you all are aware that MCPE had already added some cars to use during war time and those cars have ability to crush buildings, humans and any other material. The new addition of the tanks have the greater ability of destruction then any other vehicle in Minecraft. The players can break the walls and gate of any building and the forts. Only a single shot can destroy the whole wall or building.

The explosion not only destroy the building material but the living creatures are also not save from these immense attacks. The single fire from the tank can destroy your all the belongings and also you. In short you can enjoy  real war in the cubic world of game.

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