Sun Mod for Minecraft PE

Sun Mod for Minecraft PE is the update in the weather condition. The addition of the sun has some benefits as well as the losses to the player and the whole cubic world of the game.

What is interesting in Sun Mod?

Sun Mod is basically the sign of survival for the players and other creatures because there happens no apocalypse and the zombies will not appear at the time of sun. But the harmful side is that after the appearance of sun the surrounding changes and temperature rises gradually. This condition creates many difficulties regarding the living of the players and the other creatures in the cubic world. It would become very difficult to survive in this sever condition.

There are also some additions for players. They can accommodate the condition to slow, medium and fast and the heroes are also able to arrange the 3D sun and also moon in the night time.

Solar Apocalypse

Solar Mod causes the apocalypse because due to sun heat the glaciers melt and it may cause the flood which spread destruction the cubic world. Due to sun there is a great effect first on the plants and then mobs and in the last Steve will feel the uncomfortable with the influence of any element. The players have to escape away with the help of a helmet. This sever sun condition can cause the drying of the reservoirs. The duration and intensity of the event can be changed in the setting.


There is transformation in the new update of the Sun Mod in the Minecraft. Now players are able to notice the intensity of light and can observe either the light is bright or dim. Objects can be noticed clearly because all the time there is availability of light. Heroes can enjoy the trips and can do any work in the full light of the sun without any trouble and danger.

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