Rain Mod for Minecraft PE

Rain Mod for Minecraft PE is an amazing update in Minecraft which brings a new change in the environment and introducce a real life rain phenomenon. It creates the curiosity in the players to select this Mod and to stay in the game for long time.


What is new in Rain Mod?

The Rain Mod add-on is an effort by the developers to create an environment which attracts the users and provide them with a rare and awesome environment. Many changes appeared in the Rain Mod makes a memorable environment. There are also some damages of the rain for example When there is rain you will not be able to perform your routine tasks. Not only water but acid and and water falls down in the form of rain.


Now in this condition the developers replaced the rain water with the acid and give it the greenish color. It has poisonous nature and the player can escape it when the first drop of it falls down and it can damage the health and the speed is also effected.  Player have to save himself from danger by hiding in any building and house. The acid could be dangerous to other building materials.


We can say that the Rain Mod is apocalyptic and can destroy everything even the whole city in seconds. For example when there is acid falling in the rain you can hide yourselves in the buildings but when there is fire how you can save yourself. The fire can burn everything on which it falls down. By this apocalyptic Mod only the brave and expert Minecraft players can survive and can cope with.

The players can change the intensity of the falling objects but it is very difficult for the player to survive under these intense and dangerous elements. This sever environment can damage the stones and even change their shape the whole city or country side could be ruined in few seconds.

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