Minecraft PE Truck Mod

Minecraft PE Truck Mod is such an update which transferred the heavy transportation from water surface to the road with the help of heavy trucks. Before this update in the Mine craft the used the boats and water surface to travel and to carry the heavy stuff to any other place.

What is interesting in Truck Mod?

Firstly the players used the water to travel but they can only wander the water places and ice lands. With this new addition of Truck Mod in the Mine craft the heroes can search and explore the landscapes. There are a lot of benefits to use truck for travel because the truck can carry a driver and so many passengers at once. Truck contains different types of cabins and slots to keep stuff and carry them with you and also a way of goods transportation. A very large number of people can move from one to another place with the hero in any emergency situation and in case of any trouble.

Small lorry

This update was from the earliest versions of the mine craft. Small lorry is like a truck and have the same use as the truck. Like trucks the lorries also have small slots like portions in which the hero can take with him all the necessary things which are useful to him during the travel. The lorry often has the simple appearance but it can accommodate all the things and passengers at the same time.


Military truck has the odd look as compared to other trucks because it has the camouflaged coloring. The author of the Mine craft Truck Mod  added this feature with full concern as much as possible. The Mine craft players can move in hilly terrains and as well as in the small rivers with this heavy vehicle.


Mine craft players feel like a truck driver while traveling in the truck because it is modified in the best way and have the sounds and lights signals like real life trucks. These vehicles are available in different colors like the cars.

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