Minecraft PE Bus Mod

What is new in Bus Mod?

Minecraft PE Bus Mod provide the driver a very fast journey throughout the cubic world. Now with the help of this bus the travel around the world is very fast and easy. The hero is facilitated through many ways, like bus can be used for trip, travel with friends, for completion of missions, going to desirable places and also as a school bus.

Indeed it is made with much accuracy and perfection because it saves the time. The hero take much time while he is walking and is unable to escape immediately during any emergency situation. In bus mod the mine craft PE players  have access to lot of vehicles including school van, police car, ambulance and an other yellow school bus.


Bus mod provide the opportunity for players to use a lot of vehicles for different purposes. There is an accommodation that 4 players can travel at once. It is good for hero to travel with friends across the cubic world. Mine craft PE player can use the bus to take the summons or any command. Buses are available in blue, green, yellow, red and many other colors.

Utility Vehicles

In the bus mod update many facilities have been added for players. Hero of the game can choose the vehicle according to the situation. For example when the player use the police car or ambulance he can travel very fast even during a traffic jam. It is easy for players to become a police man and ambulance driver by using the police car and ambulance.

Not only the school bus, ambulance and police car the player also can use the long heavy vehicles and trucks to go around the cubic world.


The bus mod is an update in the mine craft PE. After this update players use and enjoy the urban transport with all types of luxury and beautiful vehicles. Including the public transport it enables the players to use police cars, ambulance and school buses. Players use vehicles for missions, robbery, escaping during emergency conditions and for trips with friends.

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