Minecraft PE Airship Mod

Minecraft PE airship mod is an update which offer the players to travel in the air by the use of airship like gadget and parachute. The players are able to carry their stuff with them in these airship and parachutes.

What is interesting in Airship Mod?

Airship Mod changed the dreams of Mine craft players into  reality. Now players can travel in the air very easily and can see the whole territory from the height. Now you can move around the whole cubic world by air and can explore the new things by using this feature. If player is interested in exploring the new things in the cubic world then this feature make him able to carry all the necessary things and objects with him. Someone who want to travel light and to a short distance then he is suggested to use parachutes which are available in different colors.


Mine craft PE Airship Mod update replaced the chickens with aircrafts. These airships can be found anywhere over the cubic world and can be used by players to fulfill the flying dreams in the mine crafts. To take airship flight you should through a snowball into it and can sit into it. This snowball acts as a can of gasoline and the hero can control the airship with the help of a sword. By using airship and parachute the player will be save from the monster like creatures because they can’t reach the player to the height. For the benefit of player there are 27 slots which can be used to carry different types of equipment.


Parachutes are available in different colors which can be used to travel to short distances and light flights. The parachute feature added by the author is appreciated and really a very beautiful feature. players can get and enjoy something new for themselves with the help of this unique feature.

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