Helicopter Mod for Minecraft PE

What does the Helicopter Mod do in the MCPE?

Helicopter Mod for Minecraft PE is the modification which include many flying machines as well as helicopter. The Helicopter Mod solved the problem of players who want to travel from one place to other far off place. It reduces the distances many times and players can travel a very large distance quickly and can reach their bases.

Helicopter Addon

There are two different kinds of these helicopters first one is military and the second one is civil helicopter. Mostly helicopters are fighting helicopters and with the help of them the hero can damage all the creatures and is able to destroy everything in few seconds. One thing i want to mention that these fighting helicopters not attack and damage the MCPE users. To find these helicopters players have to go to military bases to get military helicopter and to Nether to get civil one.

Helicopter Hunter Addon

Minecraft PE Mod provides boundless opportunities to players and the Helicopter Mod is one of the top opportunity. The worrier players not use to walk on foot anywhere because they can use it for long travels and for tours all around the cubic world. The way to get access to this one is same as the last one but it is quite easy to use during travel. players use it to fight with enemies and it is very helpful to destroy the opponents. while in case of wars when you have destroyed your enemies you can carry your loot in the helicopter.

Plane Mod

Except the military and fighting helicopters there are also some civil iron creature which are used only for travel and to carry the stuff and goods from one place to another. These helicopters and planes are used just only by the players and passengers to ride on them.

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