Heat Mod for Minecraft PE

Heat Mod for Minecraft PE is the add-on by the developers to create the difficulties in the game. Players will feel the complications for the survival in the cubic world due to sun and heat.

What is interesting in the Heat Mod for Minecraft PE?

Almost all the updates made by the developers in the Minecraft PE are the efforts to make the survival process more difficult.  A various kinds of weather conditions and many monster creatures are launched in the game just to defeat the hero and made the game difficult. These monster are just to harm and kill the hero and also some puzzles and traps which the players have to solve for his survival.

The players have to hide himself from the sun and heat because it can kill the hero. Even the devil creatures can’t bear this heat and are killed due to heat. First of all this heat phenomenon was added only to kill the monsters and zombies but now it is deadly to all the creatures. There is also a scale to measure the heat and temperature of the hero.

Searing Tests

There are four options for player to maintain and select the desire event and by selecting it the count down for it starts in the right corner. Because when a player go to a new world he feel some changes like the sun increases in size, the lakes and the rivers water dry up and the glaciers melt. The sever heat condition in the new atmosphere light up all the creatures and even the hero.  The players can use a helmet to save himself from heat and the fire falling as a rain.

Thirst and Temperature

In the new biome of heat the hero feels two problems. First he feels the sever thirst and the second one is temperature issue. Players have the ability to adjust the heat and temperature but it is still difficult to survive for the Minecraft Players.

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