Fog Mod for Minecraft PE

Fog Mod for Minecraft PE is an update which added a new fog phenomenon in the Minecraft cubic world. In the present update day and nights change automatically and players can see and observe how the atmosphere changes. Fog Mod is added by developers to provide the players a choice to create the environment according to the desire of players.

What is interesting in Fog Mod?

The developers want to feel the players a new real world in the cubic world of the Minecraft because according to the developers the Minecraft lack the realism features. The new atmospheric addition is easily attainable and is customized which can easily be installed by one of these add-ons and help to get a new mystical environment.


It is also a gaseous phenomenon in the new atmospheric add-on which is mostly the same nature as the fog. This whole phenomenon is under the control of Minecraft players and they can create haze at any place and at any time. It is done to create many horror adventures and for the purpose of hide and seek. Players are now able to create their surrounding a unique and desired environment. For creating this phenomenon the players have to just tap on the map and the it will spread at that place.

Natural Phenomenon

The gear icon is provided for the player and when the player push that gear then a new menu will open. At that time the phenomenon will not be clear. The player can impose this to hide himself at any time and any place due to any reason. When the player impose it on himself then all the things around the player will become blurred things. Fog Mod offers players a lot of customized functions and players can understand them and then can choose any of them according to their wishes.

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