Elevator Mod for Minecraft PE

What does the Elevator Mod do in MCPE?

Elevator Mod for Minecraft PE is an update which made the the climbing and the lifting up of the heavy things very easy. Before this addition the lifting of the objects was a quite difficult process and was even impossible for the Minecraft Players. If you want to move the massive objects from one side to other the Elevator is most helpful.

RhanCandia’s Elevator

The Elevator is helpful while climbing and venturing the hill and mountains and transferring the heavy construction material to the high roofs. Much helpful in transporting our bargains to the desired places and the time consumption is also less. Elevator Mod for Minecraft PE launched this new machinery only for the purpose to help the players in lifting useful things and to kick off the useless heavy objects.

Elevator Block Mod

This Mod works almost same as the other, you just have to chose the block which you want to pick up with you. One iron ingot and eight wool blocks you need in whole this process and after that you should press the up or the down button to move with the block. The right bottom corner on the screen is the location for this particular switch.

Gravity Gun

We all are aware of the Gravity Gun but now it has been added in the Minecraft PE. It is just like a miracle which can perform various wonderful tasks for the heroes. First if all you have to find this gun and for obtaining it put /gravity gun get. It’s use is very easy and effortless. Click the monster which you want carry and then select the place just by click where you want to release him.

Helpful Blocks

There are some blocks which perform some tasks regarding the players help and protection etc. First one is displayer block which will protect you from knock back and the second one is damage block which control the damage of the users. Third block is elevator block which elevates users up and down.  Minecraft PE has total ten blocks used with Elevator.

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