Minecraft PE Wind Mod

Minecraft PE Wind Mod is an addition which introduce the players with a new mob. This mob creature in this feature have access to the natural forces by which he can calls the wind to attack on the opponents.

What is new in Wind Mod?

In this update the players met a shaman like creature which is called as mob and that mod has stuff in his hands. Mod is able to send summon to the nature and by calling wind there is possibility to attack and destroy the opponents. If any player kills him he can get a magic book with the help of which he will be able call wind and get qualities of that mob.

Wind caller

The player of the Mine craft face a small creature which can call wind and sends summon to the natural forces. That mob mostly live in the extreme hills and has a healthy reserve of 30 units. Mob has a mystical appearance often looks like robbers. There are two types of wind attack firstly there is small breeze and after that there started a hurricane. The Mob can raise high his opponents and hero into to the air. All this show that the mob is very strong creature and the hero has to cope with him and will be rewarded as a result.


In this addition the author added the facilities for players to get the magical abilities by themselves. The qualities could be achieved only by defeating the wind lord. After defeating the mob the players get a book which is a magical book of the mob and is spelled so that everyone is not able to read it out. When the player flips through the book he feels the breeze around him and he can use this to raise the mob high in the air.

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