Flans Mod for Minecraft PE

Flans Mod for Minecraft PE mod provides the diversity of choices to use a lot of military equipment like guns, weapons, tanks, helicopters and submarines etc.

What is interesting in Flans mod?

Flans mod update facilitate players with common use of many military equipment. Flans mod is a common name for many  military-themes. All the weapons and vehicles are customize and can be improved with some kinds of special items. Players use flan mod mostly during battle and war conditions. The players can use and enjoy the fully powered weapons like helicopters, tanks, military cars and submarine etc. The benefit of flans mod is that the players have a massive selection of weapons at the time of war.


This update for flans mod offers players to use tanks and also teach the players how to use tanks. while during the training there is book which is added for players to get instructions and techniques for the use of tanks. During any trouble the player can enter command/function mwbt, and get the special items which can be used to repair these machines. Players can travel around the Mine craft PE because it provide the full security. There is no issue of fuel deficiency and we just have access to the tank and just monitor the number of shells.


Players use tanks in battle fields as well as cars which are characterized by increased cross_ country ability. There is a book for instructions and author added in the book all the techniques for players to use weapons and add shells and also manage and control the number of shells. All this provide the opportunity for Mine craft PE Flans players to arrange a real battle field in the cubic world with the unique features and entertainment. Helicopter, submarine, military cars, tanks and all other equipment will appear in the arsenal.

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