Cold Mod for Minecraft PE

Cold Mod for Minecraft PE is an update for the lovers of cold biomes and the winter season. For the fans who love to travel in the ice cliffs it is an adventurous add-on in the Minecraft PE.

What is interesting in Cold Mod?

Cold Mod is perfect for those players who are excited to climb the big ice glaciers and to stay in the ice cliffs. It shows the players interest about this Mod and the sever condition while during enjoyment the players can die. In this update there is not only single add-on of the location of the ice and cold places but there is also addition of the weapons, mobs, animals, equipment and many more things.


Except the cold biome there are also some unique things which have been added in the Cold Mod. There are trees loaded with ice and the blue color apples fall from them. Some materials are also available which are the part of only this Mod.

In the caves there are some ores and stones by which a player creates the weapons and armor which are little less strong then the iron weapons. We may say that iron like ores are also available in the caves for many useful purposes. The mobs are also found in the cold biome but they are slightly different from the normal mobs found in the Minecraft.

Ice Age

The addition introduced the players with new creature found in the Cold Mod. Some are based on the already existing creature like Zombies or villagers are based on the existing ones in the Minecraft PE. And the few others which are found first time in the cubic world are a tiger, penguin and squirrel etc.

There is also another extraordinary feature that the players are able to get the new type of ores and can create the weapons of their own wishes from those ores.

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