Clouds Mod for Minecraft PE

Clouds Mod for Minecraft PE is an update in the Minecraft which brought betterment in the graphics of the game. Popularity of any game depends upon the graphics and the look of the space around the player.

What is interesting in Clouds Mod?

The developers of the Clouds Mod in the Minecraft added such an amazing space look and the graphics to the game that it looks like a real world clouds. Rounded shape , soft shaded clouds and the little naturalistic features are added here by the authors of the Minrcraft. The whole update and modification is to create a new environment for the Minecraft players in the cubic world.

Fluffy Clouds

The author tried his best to create a totally new and realistic look of the cubic world. To manage the sky look of the Minecraft PE the developers added the Clouds Mod effect to the game and the players can’t see the angular shapes which are mostly observed in the cubic worlds of the games. The shape of the whole space is thoroughly changed and this single change is very interesting. This add-on in the Minecraft provide the fresh and beautiful look for the player. The hero can see every change which happens in this cubic world from start to end.

Better Skyboxes

This change make the player able to select the sky shape above him according to his own wish. The sky shape is completely newly designed and is redesign of the old sky look. The users can select the sky and cloud shape by pressing the three different livers found on the menu. Every time the players try to set a beautiful sky and Cloud Mod because this type of weather always amaze the users. These clouds condition often describe the up coming weather condition and urges heroes to go out for a picnic and even to a long drive with friends or family. Indeed the Cloud Mod is an amazing and the realistic feature in the Minecraft.

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