Boat Mod for Minecraft PE

Boat Mod for Minecraft PE is an update in the boats of old texture and shape. The original old boats were very slow and of dull shape but new added boats are modified type of boats.

What does the Boat Mod add to the MCPE?

This update added a variety of boats in the MCPE. These new boats are not newly developed boats but these all are the modified form of already existing boats. New and creative features have been added to these new boats.  A many different kinds of boats are found in this new modification like sailing boats, motor boats, swift boats, carry boats and chest boats.

Swamp Boat

Mojang decided to go to another poll to meet the fans in 2019 and mostly people wanted the swamps to get success. This was because of the boat and this boat was added to the Mine craft. Player having this boat can get all the thing by using a chest fixed in the boat.

LEMO Attraction Boat

These different looking boats are the modified form of the old boats  and have the same look as the motor boats. Having the same look like the motor boats but there is difference in the size because these are larger in size to some extent. The swamp boats have one limitation that they can carry only one passenger regardless of their size. Swamp boats are almost in six colors.

Motor Boat

We can imagine by the name that motor boats must be very fast. Motor boats have some new and unique features and are with new design. To use this unique boat we need to put some summons/add Motor-Boat-Black and can get access to it. We can change the color by changing the last attribute for colors.

Boats Addon

Various kinds of sailing ships are available with same speed but different in colors and structure. One can change the life style by using these romantic and adventurous boats and sails.

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