Auto Totem Mod for Minecraft PE

The Auto Totem Mod has arrived to revolutionize the way you approach survival in Minecraft PE, providing a seamless and convenient solution to enhance your gameplay.

Automated Totem Usage

The Auto Totem Mod introduces a groundbreaking feature that streamlines the use of totems of undying, adding a layer of automation to your survival toolkit. With this mod, the totem of undying is automatically triggered when you find yourself in a perilous situation, sparing you the hassle of manual activation. This not only ensures a swift response to imminent danger but also allows players to focus on the thrill of exploration and creativity without constantly worrying about their health.

Enhanced Survival Experience

Surviving in Minecraft PE becomes a more immersive and engaging experience with the Auto Totem Mod. Players can confidently venture into challenging environments, face formidable foes, and take on daring adventures knowing that the mod has their back. The automatic activation of totems of undying provides an extra layer of security, empowering players to push their limits and explore the vast world of Minecraft PE with greater confidence.

User-Friendly Configuration

The Auto Totem Mod is designed with user convenience in mind. Players have the flexibility to configure the mod based on their preferences and playstyle. Whether you want to fine-tune the triggering conditions or customize the mod’s settings, the user-friendly configuration options make it easy to tailor the Auto Totem Mod to suit your individual needs.

Multiplayer Compatibility

For those who enjoy cooperative gameplay, the Auto Totem Mod seamlessly integrates with multiplayer dynamics. Whether you’re exploring dungeons, tackling boss fights, or engaging in player-versus-player (PvP) combat, the mod enhances the collaborative experience by ensuring that each player’s survival is optimized through automated totem usage.

Community-Driven Development

The Auto Totem Mod thrives on community involvement. Regular updates and feature enhancements are influenced by player feedback, ensuring that the mod evolves in response to the needs and desires of the Minecraft PE community. As players embrace the automated totem functionality, they become integral contributors to the ongoing development and improvement of the mod.


Auto Totem Mod emerges as a game-changer for Minecraft PE enthusiasts seeking a more streamlined and dynamic survival experience. As it automates the use of totems of undying, this mod empowers players to face challenges head-on, fostering a sense of confidence and excitement in their blocky adventures. So, dive into the world of Minecraft PE, equip the Auto Totem Mod, and let the automated survival enhancement redefine your gameplay.

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